About Us

About Scottish Plant & Operators

We are a team of professional plant operatives, with over 100 years of experience within the Scottish plant industry, dedicated to improving the industry throughout Scotland and setting the standards across the UK.

Our goals are committed to consolidating a network of plant affiliated companies and operators throughout Scotland which we will achieve through a variety of social media marketing, our own marketing platform and quarterly newspaper as well as regular communications with fleet operators and contractors to find the best training opportunities and jobs for operators.

Our goals include:

  • Promoting and growing businesses within the Scottish plant industry
  • Building improved communications between operators and contractors.
  • Improving training opportunities and career prospects for operators and service engineers (poor training and inexperience can lead to costly damage and injury).
  • Improving the standards of health & wellbeing for operatives.
  • Promoting good practice throughout the Scottish plant industry.

Our objectives are:

  • We will help small and large businesses within this industry to grow via online marketing campaigns
  • We will continue to better communications within the industry via social media by regularly updating our pages and inviting operators to openly discuss any relevant news and current affairs within the Scottish plant industry.
  • We will continue to improve career prospects and training opportunities for operators by assisting contractors and fleet operators to find high quality operators and ensure that all operators we put forward are suitable for the given task and are fully licenced to work.
  • We strive to improve the quality of practice in the Scottish plant industry by ensuring any operatives we put forward are fully capable and licenced to do the job at hand.
  • We will assist in improving the standards of health & wellbeing for operatives by marketing the most up-to-date, reliable plant and machinery.

Let’s improve the Scottish plant industry together!